August 19, 2011

Experiencing textbook customer delight

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Our box of delights

Imagine you had just moved into a new house and you found the above box waiting for you. Well, that’s what happened to us. Like you, we were intrigued – it had clearly come from our mortgage company (Halifax), but given that we now had official ownership of the property, what more could they want us to do?

We opened it up, pulled out the rather excessive wood shaving packaging and found a surprisingly thoughtful and welcome selection of ‘goodies’. There was a half bottle of white wine, instant coffee, tea bags, hand soap and lotion, biscuits, chocolates, as well as a handy mini tool box and picture hooks. What was particularly impressive was not the fact that these items turned out to be much appreciated (the chocolate disappeared first, whilst the contents of the tool box have been used daily since), but that the items were all rather ‘nice’. The tea and coffee were Fairtrade, the soap suitably posh and poncey, the biscuits were organic and the wine very drinkable (for the person who had it…).

It doesn’t actually stop there. A couple of days later I rang the savings call centre at Halifax to inform them about our change of address for an ISA product, but it turned out there was no need to have made the call: their system had already processed the change. A centralised system that can recognise and respond to the same customer dealing with the organisation across different touch points – something much discussed but never before experienced. I am keeping my fingers crossed for more moments of delight – or another big box of goodies at the very least!


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