August 22, 2011

Could houses of the future be empty?

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We still have lots of stuff in our house

Moving house makes you aware of stuff. As I packed up into the early hours of the morning before our move, two things crossed my mind:

Firstly, the obvious: it is all too easy to amass sickening amounts of stuff, some of which you realise you fail to use enough. Perhaps the 80/20 rule applies to possessions too: you use 20% of them 80% of the time.

Secondly, a lot of the stuff, certainly that which creates the most bulk, could be avoided if we so chose. We have boxes and boxes of books, which could all disappear on an e-reader, and we have towers of CDs and DVDs, which could go on MP3 players or get to us streamed on demand. Though we are relatively young household – we started ‘creating’ it some ten to fifteen years ago – we have items which now appear like relics of a bygone age: VHS videos and cassette tapes. We are just missing vinyl to complete our analogue media collection.

Given that all this content could be digital, and thus invisible, why is it that consumers still feel they don’t have enough space and that storage items such as the ubitiquous Billy bookcase and Ival storage system are global best sellers at Ikea? Maybe the answer is quite simple – a lot of us do just like stuff!


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