October 2, 2011

Being a homebody without being a nobody

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Please admire the above view. I don’t want to be smug but that represents the place where I work (British weather permitting!) now that I have left the world of ‘proper’ corporate employment.

There is much hype about new ways of working outside of the traditional office environment – I was involved myself in one report some five years ago – and the statistics on what actually is happening are not clear cut. One recent global survey from Iconoculture suggested that 6% of those employed in the UK work from home whilst recent TUC research has the figure closer to 13% (with admittedly a small drop due to the recession as people have been reluctant to ask for the ‘privilege’ of working from home at a time of job insecurity).

Whatever is going on, it is clear that the idea of a work space is no longer simply about a desk and a chair. One can add a nice view, use a shared space or add other perks such as free food, drinks, massage, band instruments and tarot readers (ok – I made the last one up and if you are really interested, check out the link here which goes through to photos from facebook offices from around the world). 

However, in a way, these are a distraction. Where most of the energy is is not in terms of space, but the relationships. New technologies have effectively meant we can work anywhere; now it seems increasingly to be the case that we can also use technology to stay in touch. There are many solutions that allow remote teams to work together and share files, links etc including the likes of Dropbox, and various apps. Now we are also able to find ways to capture the little things – Rypple is a social performance platform built for sharing goals and giving feedback, whilst Yammer is a kind of facebook for companies.

But I still have to make my own cups of tea!


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