October 18, 2011

Learning to write in a digital age

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As I struggle to encourage my son to learn to write, I am very tempted to give up with the excuse that today’s society privileges digital as oppose to analogue capture, and that I would be better off spending my time teaching him to type. It is undeniable that laptops and tablets are increasingly found in the classroom, not only at secondary schools, but also when teaching younger children like my son.

However, as I ponder this more, I am struck by the fact that often the core skills and intent remain similar, even though the methods may have changed. We still write, but use electronic touch-sensitive touchscreens, which now seem so commonplace. We can even digitise our inconsequential doodles using a special pen, the Inkling, which works on any old paper.

The Inkling reminds me of another object I have recently seen which allows us to continue our ‘traditional’ behaviours. A design company have made a two piece plastic cover to fit over an iPhone with a faux lens that forces you to angle the phone to landscape mode when taking a picture. The case even comes with a nice strap so that you can have that authentic camera-fanatic look with your treasured object hanging around your neck.

Where has this left me in my struggle with writing letters? Going back to the basics I think. I must confess I have invested in painting my own blackboard onto the kitchen wall so we can try the ‘talk and chalk’ approach. Wish me luck!


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