December 30, 2011

New ways of seeing

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It’s a time of year when things are sometimes rather magical and all very distracting. Well, that’s my excuse for this blog post about an initiative which isn’t very closely associated to marketing trends or consumer insight. No, it’s about a new way of recording and seeing images which can make us feel one moment like a giant looking over the world from a far and then another, let us quickly zoom in to spy what an insect might.

How can you see this? Because it’s a Gigapan. As described on the site

Gigapans are gigapixel panoramas, digital images with billions of pixels. GigaPan EPIC robotic mounts empower cameras to take hundreds, even thousands of photos, which are combined to create one highly detailed image with amazing depth and clarity.

It’s worth taking a look at some of the examples that have been created. There are some which remind me a bit of how people first respond to being on TV – ‘Hey, look it’s me. I’m here!’  To be fair, this is pretty cool way to tag oneself in a photo. Beats blurry shots loaded up on facebook.

There are others which make good use of the medium – I’m thinking of those of stained glass windows. Normally you stare up at them, craning your neck, hoping to see the painstakingly-created beauty. Now you can – and it is rather wonderful.

However, my favourite is a bit more frivolous. It’s an image of Saint Paul’s cathedral in which people are hiding and holding up placards which show the final sentence of a recent Stephen King novel.  I think I like as it reminds me of the Mike Wilks Ultimate Alphabet Book which I used to spend hours pouring over as a child.

Must go and find – more distractions!

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