More about Slow Tortoise Life Coaching


What is life coaching?

In a sentence, life coaching is about helping someone to achieve their potential. How exciting is that?

It’s not to be confused with counselling or other kinds of therapy, which are about understanding and dealing with the past; coaching is about looking forward and getting the most out of the future. Coaching provides a confidential, non-judgemental, impartial and personalised support structure that enables an individual to achieve far more than they ever would ‘going it alone’. Though there are some sophisticated techniques that can be employed, at the end of the day, coaching is not rocket science. In its most basic and pure form, it involves one person – the coach – listening very carefully to another – the client – and asking some good questions which help the client see things differently and more clearly, inspiring them to make progress in some form or another.

The areas that get covered in coaching are very broad indeed and can range from professionally-related goals such as as going for promotions, to more personal challenges, such building self-esteem and strengthening family connections. It can be about the big things (considering a career change), as well as the small (how to build in some ‘me time’ every day). Frequently, it will end up being a mix of lots of different issues as one thing often leads to another. In many situations, the real challenge  is trying to find the best way to juggle the multitude of commitments and responibilities someone has on their plate.

How do I know if coaching is something that would be useful to me?

This is really important – coaching is only useful for people who wanted to be coached and because they want to get something from it.

Just take a look at the list of six statements below. Have you ever thought any of those things to yourself, and if so, what have you done about it?

  1. Life is a constant battle
  2. I have too much to do
  3. I can do better
  4. I’m stuck and don’t where to start
  5. I want a change
  6. I want to make choices that aren’t just compromises

How does coaching happen?

Whenever possible, I like to coach people in the format they are most comfortable with. Though the first session might be face to face, quite often subseqent sessions take place over the phone. This is how most coaching is done, contrary to expectations. Coaching sessions generally last approximately 30 minutes to an hour. In order to have a proper go at it, it is preferable to do a number of sessions, rather than a one-off. You might already have an idea of what you want to work on; or we can spend some time thinking about what would be most valuable to focus on.

What does it feel like to be coached?

Here are some words from Phil with whom I have recently completed a set of coaching sessions:

“I have always found choice difficult. As a greedy member of Generation Y, I tend to want it all – satisfaction, fulfillment, recognition, variety, riches. Eleanor helped me to iron out some of my most muddled thoughts and to prioritise what I really want. While I still don’t have all the answers, I now have a much better hold on the important questions I should ask myself when I come up against those tricky choices. Thank you!”

What next?

If the above seems relevant and you want to discuss further, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at eleanor.cooksey@googlemail.com to set up a free, no-obligation chat.

The tortoise might not have been speedy, but he had a clear goal and the confidence to go for it. Let’s get going.


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