January 18, 2012

Time management and the modern consumer

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January  – the moment when we are supposed to think about the wonderful new habits we will start and, more importantly, keep. Making the most of our time is a goal which many think about. It can appear in a whole variety of different permutations:  better work-life balance, more quality time with family and friends, and creating more ‘me-time’ (the latter is a real coaching favourite).

Whatever our ambition, I was wondering how this might translate into one’s role as a consumer – what does good time management in a consumer look like? One area of consumer activity that is top of mind based on current personal experiences is holidays. When is it best to engage with this?

With the rise of the idea that we have all the offers at our fingertips and can hunt out the best deals, the ‘last minute is best’ school of thought might appear to hold sway. However, when you are constrained to travelling during the school holidays, such a way of thinking is a dangerous mirage. Everything is booked up and only the most expensive or undesirable options are left. On a whim, over Xmas, we decided it would be fun to go South Africa at Easter – fine if we were ready to fork out thousands on luxury lodges or else stay in local Disneyland-wannabe resorts.

Our alternative plan is camping in the UK, which is a simpler proposition in some senses, but not in others. Camping, as I have discovered, requires lots and lots of consumer activity. Whilst getting distracted researching the arcane items I might now require, I received some advice which made me think that perhaps you can actually get away with leaving it last minute.

Campers, being of the ‘advance planning is best’ school tend to buy everything nice and early. Many suppliers then put the remaining stock on sale in July to clear warehouses for next season’s equipment. Bingo – I should be able to get a bargain just when I need it. Fingers crossed.

PS – I have already got the tent – see proof below.


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